a game by locomalito

My first game released beyond Windows platforms, and one of my favourites in terms of gameplay.

Gaurodan (2013). Long forgotten is the legend of Gaurodan, the bird of thunder and his fight with Guayota, the fire beast. But now mankind has discovered the egg of Guayota within Mount Teide, and it's a matter of time until Gaurodan returns from the sky to fight the beast and punish us for awakening his ancient enemy.

The game. Fly around the Canary Islands and destroy cities, armies and colossal creatures in your path through this frantic shmup. Controlling Gaurodan requires mastering, because you can't stop flying around and you have two buttons to fire at air or ground targets.

Influences. Guarodan has been inspired by classic Kaiju movies like Godzilla, Rodan and Gamera, by arcade games like Defender, Choplifter or Time Pilot in terms of gameplay and by others like Commando, Gyrodine or 1942 in terms of production style.


Stories. It has been a challenge to make it work on different systems, but it opened that door for other projects. The game is located on the Canary Islands, part of the plot is taken from a local myth. There is a third party project for porting it to retro systems.

Key features

Gaurodan poster
A game by: Locomalito
Music and FX: Gryzor87
Promo art: Marek Barej

Release: 31/07/2013
Genre: Horizontal shmup
Development: 5 months
Platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, Ouya, Mac

Creative Commons License

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Gaurodan 1.1 (Win)

Windows version 1.0
OUYA version 1.1 (it may work with other Android based devices)
Ubuntu version 1.1 (not tested personally, may work with other Linux)
Mac versión 1.1 (not tested personally)