legal stuff


Locomalito games, including the work of the people who collaborate with me (Gryzor87 and Marek Barej), are registered with copyright as a proof of their creation date, however, we primarily embrace a Creative Commons license that allows free distribution, always keeping the file the same way it is in this website: unmodified, non-commercial and with attribution to the author/s. It does not allow such modification like installers that are packed with other pieces of software (toolbars or similar). Although not required, if you distribute the games or files in this website from a site that generates shareable profits from visits or downloads, please consider making a donation.

Video policy

Locomalito, Gryzor87 and Marek Barej grant permission for users to make videos (walkthroughs, Let's Play, reviews, etc.) with our game content, images, audio, and/or music and publish them to YouTube, Twitch, or similar digital services. Users are also free to monetize these videos via the partner programs relative to these platforms. But remember, we'll launch a bunch of photon torpedoes at your video if it does not comply with these content guidelines:

* Do not take assets from our games (like images, sounds or items) and distribute them separately
* Do not charge or restrict users from access to your videos
* Do not sell or license your videos to others for payment of any kind
* Absolutely no racist, sexist, homophobic, poor taste, or offensive content
* Keep videos focused on gaming and away from overtly controversial topics

We retain all ownership and rights of our produced content, and may terminate or change the terms of this agreement at our sole discretion.


If you have some question send me an email and we'll talk about it.