Trash games & tiny experiments


Game Jam

Make a game in 48 seconds! Join your teammates, get ideas, define the style and set your computer on fire in order to create a great title. This game exists to celebrate game jams, probably the most creative and healthy scene of video games out there. Released in 2015. Download


Gort Ultimatum

Gort will kill all humans unless you type the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto", type as fast as you can in order to stop the genocide. A game inspired by The day the Earth stodd still, the classic movie from 1951. Featuring the screams recorded by friends and followers! Released in 2014. Download


Maniac Aracs

Control two giant spiders, make a web thread between them and trap running humans to eat them alive. A game for two players, made as bonus content for the RetroManiac Magazine. Released in 2013. Download


Super Ninja Julia

A minigame made with the ideas, sketches and voices of my niece Manuela. A very personal edition of this game was my Christmas present for her. Released in 2013. Download


And also

Red Spheres. Released in 2008 Download
Blokanoid. Released in 2007 Download
Zneik. Released in 2007 Download