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A game by: Locomalito
Music and sound: Gryzor87
Promo art: Gryzor87

Release: September 9th, 2013
Genre: Maze Shooting
Development: 3 weeks
Creative Commons License

Verminian Trap (2013)

The gameplay of the early arcades now up to four players

SOS! Your space pod has been forced to land on a planet infested with giant insects from Verminest. Fight with your companions to survive waves of incoming enemies with the hope of being found by a rescue unit.

Verminian Trap

About the game

Verminian Trap is a fixed screen maze game where you must battle endless waves of enemy bugs. It features three different game modes: Arcade, capture flags and get points first, the last two being competitive modes. To fully enjoy this game you'll need some friends around.

Key features

  • Look and feel of an arcade game from 1983.
  • From 1 to 4 players.
  • 1 cooperative and 2 competitive game modes.
  • 6 arenas, unlimited enemy waves.


Classic fixed screen maze games like Wizard of Wor, Battle City, Tron, Pac-Man or Frogger.

Game files and extras

Verminian Trap 1.1 - Windows

OUYA version 1.1 (it may work with other Android based devices)