Verminian Trap

a game by locomalito

A survival game for 4 players, and the second title of the Verminest saga.

Verminian Trap (2013). SOS! Your space pod has been forced to land on a planet infested with giant insects from Verminest. Fight with your companions and survive the incoming waves of enemy bugs for as long as you can.

Verminian Trap

The game. Verminian Trap is a classic fixed screen Arcade game where you must battle endless waves of enemy bugs. There are three different game modes: Arcade (cooperative), capture flags (competitive) and get points first (competitive), so don't hesitate and play it with company.

Influences. Fixed screen arcade games like Wizard of Wor, Battle city or even Pacman.

Stories. To fully enjoy this game you'll need some chips, drinks and friends!

Key features

Verminian Trap poster
A game by: Locomalito
Music and FX: Gryzor87
Promo art: Marek Barej

Release: 09/09/2013
Genre: Maze Shooting
Development: 3 weeks
Platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, Ouya

Creative Commons License

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Verminian Trap 1.1 (Win)

OUYA version 1.1 (it may work with other Android based devices)