a game by locomalito

Arcade medical terror encapsulated in a procedural game

Viriax (2011)

Be part of the Viriax infection and show humans who set the rules in the Earth. Infect important organs one by one, and destroy the ultimate defensive hope of humanity, the Nanobot Assembly System (NAS), a medical chip implemented near the brain.

About the game

Viriax is an experimental game with procedurally generated levels. The goal is to reach the organ core at the top of each level, but you must watch your health because every action has an energy cost. Collect red globules to keep your energy up and grab items for unexpected mutations and effects. Viriax features raw graphics and a sick soundtrack composed by Gryzor87 using PX Tone, the music tool created by Daisuke Pixel Amaya.

Key features


A deadly viral infection, the human doby and films like Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace. Also a bunch of classic games like Ice Climber or Bomb Jack.


In September 2010 I fell seriously ill because of an unknown virus. After days of hallucinations and high fevers I promised the virus that I'd make a game about him if he left me alone. He did, so here is the game. The trailer was shot in Vetequin, a veterinary clinic for horses. We had some fun that day :-)