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Cool stuff

Some bits of these years

Maldita Castilla miniarcade. By

Maldita Castilla cover of Retromaniac Magazine #7. By Retromaniac

Don Ramiro miniature. By @KawaiiandCute

Don Ramiro illustration. By @urza

My logo in isometric 3D. By @Isackender

A diorama of Maldita Castilla speedrun tournament. By Carlos Blanco

Maldita Castilla speedrun tournament in RetroMadrid 2013. The winner was Fran @Metr81. Picture by Nuria M Alonso for Diario De un Jugón

Maldita Castilla arcade cabinet, a dream come true for a classic videogame developer like me. Thanks to Tovarcade, Indieorama, Mondopixel and RetroMadrid 2013

l'Abbaye des Morts ported to Linux, Pandora and Caanoo. Thanks to @Nevat, @Moonwatcher, Doragasu and others

A great fan art illustration. By Макс Капуста

A joke for the fool's day of an Spectrum ZX port of Maldita Castilla. By Pagantipaco

Map of l'Abbaye des Morts. By LoquoPJ

Maldita Castilla. By my niece Manuela :-)

Don Ramiro. By Harold

Don Ramiro. By Quino

Pucky, an Imp and Moebius from EFMB. By @Rynen10K

EFMB remake post. By Dave Hughes (the original game developer).

Feud hand-drawn map, a lovely piece. Click here for the full image. By Thomasz Olszewski

A great deep article about Abbaye des Morts. By the Brindle Brothers

Finally, I've been able to produce a very limited number of boxed games.

Verminest Ad. By RetroManiac magazine

This is how Verminest looks good. By Marcus Clark

This kind sir helped us with the camera for the traveling effect in They came from Verminest trailer

I did a mini quiz in twitter consisted in finding out the name of the skeleton that falls from the sky in Hydorah. It's Yomar from The maze of Galious

Holgor's lets play videos of Hydorah, and also a few music videos edited by him. I love that he never gave up, even after tons of deaths he kept fighting until beating the game. By Holgor

Pure maths. By Locomalito

A sweet gift. By Vicky

Working in L'Abbaye des Morts cover art. By Gryzor87

Hydorah participates along with other indie games in this short video documentary. By Finding Your Science.

A cool Destructoid post in April Fools day 2011. By Jordan Devore

OK, glitches are not cool, but this one looks like an Arcade ROM fail. By Avirrere

The improvised storyboard for Viriax trailer, some things changed, but it's more or less that in the actual trailer. By locomalito

Complete map of L'Abbaye des Morts. By Timw

Two illustrations of Jean Raymond, the littlest cathar. By Madamluna

The original cross that inspired L'Abbaye des Morts checkpoints. Montsegur Castle

Hydorah music video. By Raquel Meyers and Goto80

Hydorah Metal Fist sight in Minecraft?. By Rikako Asakura

Rubinia cover video. By Matheus Manente.

A Hydorah love song video. By Slonzivaca

A physical copy of Hydorah Original and Arranged album

Gryzor87 used his homemade Flemish Virginal/Muselaar to compose the music of Meropticon level in Hydorah. By Gryzor87

A cool coincidence in NY Metropolitan Museum. Maybe there were meroptians in New Guinea?. By Gryzor87

Locomalito games running on various arcade cabinets built by various gamers. Thanks everyone for sending those pics, they're awesome!

Handmade sweaters with images from Golden Axe and Rastan. By Gryzor87 long time ago