Death came from Verminest

a game by locomalito

A Verminest designed to fully mimic the arcade games from 1981, from software to cabinet and arts.

Death came from Verminest (2016). Verminian bugs declared war on this space sector. Defend all planets into the infected area, find their operations base and destroy their leader, the Queen Verminia.

The game. Death Came From Verminest is a Gallery Shooter (or Fixed Shmup), surely the oldest video game genre. Its been designed strictly as an arcade game from 1981, with their color and sprite limits, and with the particular chip sound and digitalized voices of that era. The action takes place along six planet, following a schema of battles in the space and over the surface. Each planet has its own characteristics that affect the game. The scoring system is thoroughly studied to assess the ability of the player and thus promote competition for points. Of all the bonuses, the most importante is a rate according to the balance of speed and accuracy at the end of each enemy wave.

Influences. Early fixed shooters like Galaga, Phoenix, Centipede, Moon Cresta, The End, Satan of Saturn, Gorf and others.

Death came from Verminest

Stories. The idea of this project came out after the first ArcadeCon in 2015, an annual meeting of arcade associations in Spain. The cultural association Arcade Vintage was the first one to build a dedicated arcade cabinet of Death Came From Verminest, restoring an old machine and building a new control panel for the game. The game was officially presented at the ArcadeCon 2016.

Key features

Death came from Verminest poster
A game by: Locomalito
Music and FX: Gryzor87
Promo art: Marek Barej

Release: 30/04/2016
Genre: Fixed shooter
Development: 5 months
Platforms: Arcade assoc.

Creative Commons License